Big Ideas. Special Ops. Midtown hip.

We love what we do. You will too.

What is special ops?

Our take is that it is a select team of superior marketing specialists that has the intelligence, ability, courage and resources to handle any job of any magnitude. One that is founded on caffeine, creativity, strategy, analytics and results. One that can move on the fly and has the talent and means to be solution-agnostic while maintaining the ability to be able to work with clients we want to work with, who we believe in, and know we can celebrate success with. One that allows personal freedoms to put people in the best environment for their success, which is our success and becomes your success. One that through its culture generates “best effort” performance in a collaborative, casual, fun and often irreverent atmosphere.

Get it done, make it great and have fun doing it.

Special ops works for us. We’re pretty sure it will work for you too.

As we say around here...

Cryder is good people

Sterling Cryder

President/Chief Marketing Officer

Husband. Loyal Friend. Relationship Developer. Risk Taker. New Biz Hunter. Brother. Frozen Margaritas. Daddy of Twin Girls. Gym Life. COLLEGE!-Everything. Sic ‘Em! Hard-worker. Happy Hour-er. Marketing Lover.

Nicole Tobin

Vice President Strategic Communications

Wife. Mother. Connector. PR. Strategist. Storyteller. Creative. Experiential. Intuit. Writer. Grammar. Type A. Type B. ADHD Gifted. Loyalist. Sometimes painter. Coffee 1st. VP.

Lauren Mincey

Vice President Client Service

Girl Mom. Wife. Strategic Thinker. Creative. Starbucks. Leader. Outgoing. Art+Design. Travel. Boxers. Find My Phone. Details. French Fries. Sharp. Experienced. Night Owl.

Larry McAlister

Vice President Brand Strategy

Clever. Communicator. Old School. New School. Diet Dew. Quote King. Experience Collector. Classic Rock. Strategist. Friend. MacStyle. Smart Enough. Irreverent. Silk. Writer. Dive Bar. Fan. Socks? Idea Man. Family Guy.

Matt Snyder

Director of Web Development

Morning person. Sci fi. Venti Americano. Patient. Independent. Grounded. Curious. Figure It Out. Rom Coms. Baller.


Director of Social Media Marketing

Mother. Wife. Dependable. Engaging. Extrovert. So Bollywood. Foodie. Spontaneous. Crime Junkie. Tenacious. Leo. Pleasant. Curious. Friend. Gets it done. Go-Getter. Hodophile. Tito's + soda. Cheers!


Director of Finance

Mother. Sweet. Quiet. Spreadsheets. Dessert lover. QuickBooks. Musicals. Book reader. Dependable. Conscientious.


Director of Photography

Light seeker. Weather nerd. Listener. Helper. Extra fries. Deep thinker. Dreamer. All-the-feels. Wife. Momma. Writer. Runner. On-time. Prayer. Thankful.


Associate Creative Director

Creative. Driven. Observant. Imaginative. Pasta Enthusiast. Self-Proclaimed Comedian. Traveler. Adventurer. Reader. Writer. Thunderstorms. Nature. Halloween.


Associate Creative Director

Hiker. Empathic. Loyal. Movie Enthusiast. Genuine. Night Owl. Kind. Harry Potter Fanatic. Funny. Sarcastic. Pro Napper. Creative. Curious. Worldly. Outdoorsy. Problem Solver. Skilled. Eclectic. Friendly. Idealistic. Easy Going.


Senior Account Executive/Marketing Strategist

Mother. Wife. Friendly. Communicator. Elton John Lover. Iced Coffee. Multi-Tasker. Listener. Marketer. Shopper. Chips & Queso. Outdoors. Sooner.


Account Executive/Marketing Strategist

The Future. Determined. Friend. Go-Getter. Dependable. All Music. Sweet Tea Addict. Movie Lover. Style. Writer.


Account Executive/Marketing Strategist

Father. Husband. Creative thinker. Compassionate. Chicken wing snob. Walking basketball database. Overwatch Professional. Sports card collector. Fledgling musician and auteur. Your new best friend.


Social Media Manager

Wife. Mother. Friend. Pug Lover. Collaborator. Strategist. Creative. Writer. Dancer. Lizzo. Kind. Compassionate. Open Mind. Clever. Eleven. Problem Solver. Listener. Team Builder. Motivational Speaker. Fighter.


Web Developer

Musicians Who Code. Traveler. Squinty Linty. Michael B. Jordan Is My Celebrity Boyfriend. Risk Taker. Inquisitive. She Sheds. How Many Cats Is Too Many?