Cryder Marketing: An Intern’s Perspective.

By Morgan Campbell – Creative Intern

As of today, I have walked through the door of Cryder Marketing and Advertising seven times. Each time I climb the steps of this historic house turned office, I find myself greeted with the enthusiastic buzz of a group of individuals totally immersed in a refined creative and marketing process. Through my internship at this agency, I have already gotten a small taste of not only the smooth project process they have in place, but also the strong internal community that allows this. If, like me, you are also a newcomer to this agency, let me introduce you to who, not what, this company is.

As I look around me from my position in the creative corner, I see immediately opposite me Tom, VP of Operations and lattes. To my right sit the designers and champion pranksters, Kenya and Moe, and to my left are Taylor and Alexis, VP of Digital and Account Executive, respectively. Downstairs sits Liza, Director of Social Media and Sterling’s marvelous wife.

The offices around the big open room’s perimeter sit vacant as their VP inhabitants, Nicole, head of Strategic Communications, Sterling (President/ Founder), and Creative Director, Chris, walk around engaging and working alongside the rest of the Cryder crew. If you are ever so fortunate to set foot in this work space, you’ll hear the sounds of laughter, the clicking of computer keys, and Tom’s Pandora radio.

Perhaps this is the sound of productivity, or perhaps it is simply the sound of people pursuing a career that they love.  Either way, I like it here, and I think you will too.