Cryder Guerrilla Marketing: “Cutting through the clutter.”

Cryder Marketing + Advertising is passionate about problem solving.  Our job is not about pushing our own creative tendencies or providing simple solutions for profit.  Our job – our passion – is all about creating engaging, multi-faceted marketing campaigns that provide cost-effective (and profitable) solutions for our clients.  Guerrilla Marketing is – occasionally – part of that very solution. As the saying goes…

“Guerrilla Marketing is a, typically low-cost, marketing strategy that disrupts the norm to drive attention and popularity for a product, service, or cause.”

Guerrilla marketing is often overlooked in small to medium sized markets which is why is presents such an amazing opportunity for marketers. Just like “Reality TV” changed television, Guerrilla marketing cuts through the chatter, it is authentic, and it doesn’t even need to be highly-polished or expensive. It does however, have to be creative. Ask yourself this question: Are you more likely to pay attention to a typical magazine ad, or are you going to pay attention to 10,000 balloons tied to a stop light?

We would love to tell you that most traditional media are always highly engaging and memorable. It is just not the case.  Print and traditional marketing will (always) have their place, but there are numerous other innovative engaging, imaginative ways to create an authentic connection between consumers and brands.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a franchise which has over 150 locations in 5 countries.  They recently opened a location in Edmond and selected us to promote their grand opening.  Instead of using all their budget to just get people in the door, we decided that simply building an authentic connection to their brand would be more effective over time.

Sky Zone patrons wear “Sky Socks.”  Bright orange – these socks make the experience safe, clean, and fun. We realized these Sky Socks were rarely used in marketing efforts – but had the potential to become “iconic.”

Sonic has the Red button, and now Sky Zone would have – The Orange socks.  So, we created the hashtag #RememberTheSocks and developed a city-wide social media scavenger hunt where people engaged with the brand by trying to find Sky Zone socks (think Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket).  We also enlisted media influencers to post pictures of themselves wearing the socks without mentioning it had anything to do with Sky Zone to create intrigue before the campaign launched. The public were then engaged and encouraged to post a picture with their socks, use the hashtag, and were rewarded with free “Jump Passes” and other cool prizes.

We also strategically placed (traditional) outdoor advertising to further support awareness for the campaign – then officially launching the Sky Zone via a grand opening event a few weeks later.

A genuine bond was formed between consumers and the Sky Zone Brand.  It instilled that “warm and fuzzy” feeling – creating a legion of loyal patrons.  Today, their brand awareness has Sky Zone Edmond booking the most birthday parties among all 150 worldwide Sky Zone locations.

When looking to make a special mark for the brands we represent – we work to make it fun, engaging and memorable – building consumer loyalty – and standing out from the fray.