“My First Year as an AE”

by Alexis Simon –

It’s hard to believe a year has flown by working at Cryder Marketing + Advertising. I have learned so much about the importance of marketing and have experienced the fast-paced and dynamic environment of this agency. As I reflect on this year, here are some key lessons I’ve learned:

1. An upbeat attitude is KEY:
It is important not to get lost in the moment – even when you are stressed, under pressure, or forget something. Keeping a positive attitude helps your work efficiency and your relationship with your coworkers and clients.
2. Focus on TODAY’S priorities:
Personally, I write “to do” lists a mile long… and now I color code them and map them out daily – making sure I do not get overwhelmed. It is very easy to get caught up in what is due weeks ahead, but I focus on what is due daily – so I can deliver the very best work and deliver it on time to our clients.
3. Produce work that is “Client Ready”:
No matter what it is – a monthly report, a creative project, website, or even a draft business email, no assignment is delivered unless it is 100% client ready, meaning ZERO errors. Sure, we all make mistakes… but proofing your work and checking back on the creative brief to make sure that it is on target will prevent you from having to ever redo an assignment. This also helps show your coworkers and clients that you are committed to doing good work.
Go that extra mile, learn more than you thought, ask questions, be eager to get your fingers sticky, and work towards doing your best! Don’t let yourself be defined by your job title. Bring your recommendations to the table, speak up in meetings, ask for more responsibility and you will be a valued member of the marketing team – no matter your experience.

I must say, the last year has been better than I could have ever expected – and the Cryder team approach and our culture has a lot to do with that. Clients are happy, coworkers have become family, and it is just a great place to work! The success we have realized over this past year has just blown up and I am so proud to be a part of an agency that is highly respected and so dynamic.
– Alexis Simon, Account Executive

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