Brands that move. Groove.

Central Oklahoma Habit for Humanity

Central Oklahoma Habit for Humanity’s vision is clear – a world where everyone has a decent and affordable place to live. It’s mission simple – bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. COHFH came to us in 2011 with a need to recruit more people to build more homes. People to donate, to volunteer, to work, to build, to counsel. We thought, we know people, we know marketing, we like to hammer stuff – we’re in. With an average of 45-50 new homes a year, we helped COHFH complete it’s 1,000th home in Oklahoma City in 2019, making dozens of communities in our community stronger and providing hope for us all.

Pearl's Restaurant Group

Pearl’s has been OKC’s iconic seafood brand for over three decades. With a move of its flagship location and now operating three seafood concept restaurants in the metro, Pearl’s hooked Cryder as its Agency of Record in 2011. With ideas as fresh as their fare, we enhanced and reinforced the legendary brand with an integrated campaign that produced a record catch of diners over the past four years. One brand voice with three distinct dialects, we reminded diners of Pearl’s passion for high quality, eco-friendly seafood with a fun, unique dining experience. Now that’s an OKC fish story that can be believed.

Ozarka Water

Ozarka water has been around since Oklahoma was a territory, 18 years before the state became a state. Brand equity was not a problem. But a lot of water had gone under the bridge in the 121 years before the water pioneer asked Cryder to be their agency of record in 2010. A rebrand for the ages brought the water giant into the 21st century with dynamic new branding including logo, tagline, website, packaging, labels, corporate identity and creative as refreshing as the water they poured. “Oklahoma’s Own” Ozarka Drinking Water now has a future as bright as its past. We’ll drink (water) to that.

Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park has over 100 parks in 35 states and another 17 in international cities from Argentina to the U.K. So when Altitude came to us for marketing help in 2016, we jumped at the chance. What started as a single franchise in Alabama has turned into a corporate partnership, servicing over 20 franchises, with more jumping on board monthly. Each franchise and each market are different so parks can choose from an ala carte marketing menu including brand strategy, local strategy and implementation, seasonal strategy, creative, media buying, promotion and social and digital media. In an industry where “bounce rate” is a desired metric, we’re leaping the competition, one park at a time.

Goldfish Swim School

When Goldfish first swam into Oklahoma City in 2017, they came to Cryder to put them on the map – and we dove right in. From brand launch to grand opening, marketing strategy and execution to public relations, community relations and crisis communications, Goldfish continues to make waves as the preeminent swim school in the state.

Bockus Payne

Bockus Payne was a highly successful and notable architecture firm when they came to Cryder for a marketing rebuild in 2015. For a design firm, their brand didn’t reflect the next generation of architects and designers who had become an integral part of their business. After a fresh, modern rebrand across all touchpoints and a website that showcased not only the work, but personality of the team, Bockus Payne’s brand now matches their exceptional, relational designs.

Smile Studio

There is nothing more fun in our business than building a brand from scratch, and that’s what we had the pleasure of doing for Smile Studio in 2015. From naming to logo to launch to CRM and all marketing disciplines in between, if it’s public facing for Smile Studios, we’ve got our fingerprints all over it. Now that’s something to smile about.

Alliance Steel Building Systems

A great marketing partner since 2016, we are currently in a rebranding initiative that will soon show Alliance Steel as a modern high-tech company thriving in an age-old industry. A new look and feel, a website that tells the Alliance story and fresh sales collateral that emphasizes the quality of the steel produced. Steal a look at Alliance when you get the chance.

Wes Welker Foundation

Founded in 2007, the Wes Welker Foundation has given $1.7 M in athletic program aid to over 40 public schools and organizations in the Greater Oklahoma City area. The foundation had always had success fundraising built on the great popularity of Wes Welker as an Oklahoma-bred NFL star and his story of hard work and perseverance. As Wes transitioned from NFL star to NFL assistant coach, the foundation called on Cryder to refresh its brand with more of an emphasis on its mission “to influence at-risk youth, by encouraging their full potential through athletics and positive role models,” than its namesake. A rebrand with a new logo, tagline and website did just that by featuring student-athletes and foundation programs which proved to be a touchdown catch for donors, volunteers, staff and all of us at Cryder.


When Powerade wanted to do an ad campaign featuring Oklahoma City Thunder big man and big character Steven Adams for his homeland market of New Zealand, they called Cryder. Just down the street from where the “Big Kiwi” laces up his sneaks, grabs his lunch pail and goes about his blue-collar business around 50 times a year, Cryder was happy to oblige. With some brush up on acting chops and an emphasis on accent mate, we captured the legendary persona of the mountain of a man on tape doing what he does second best – refreshing and hydrating with an ice cold Powerade or four. What he does best you ask, he crushes human bodies and human spirits with rim shaking, earth quaking, back breaking, pride taking, heart aching, image making dunks. And just like that, Cryder was an international ad agency.


A b-to-b company in the architectural design and production space, EGR came to Cryder, a b-to-b, b-to-c, b-to (pick your letter) marketing space. The point is we know marketing in any space as EGR soon found out. A website, collaterals, event management and internal and external communications featuring their unique business model and design, production and installation services made them stand out as much as their work to their distinct and specialized audience. All of which made us stand out as well.

Lakeside Women’s Hospital

When you’re marketing a hospital designed exclusively for women, you better be able to talk to women, and listen to them too. With several sisters, daughters and mothers on staff, and several more unpaid consultant grandmothers, we do. Doing creative, content creation and social media management, we have been Lakeside Women’s Hospital’s voice since 2012. We’ve talked a lot, and listened even more.

Santa Fe Family Life Center

Cryder knows sports and fitness. Cryder also knows sports and fitness marketing and how to run membership campaigns across all platforms and how to develop an app for members to interact with the club in real-time. Which is what we’ve done with Santa Fe Family Life Center to great success. After all, we all could use a little more interaction with the gym, er, family life center.

Mary Mechanix

When a new industry literally grows overnight, the new players in that industry need to make a name for themselves and immediately stand out. One of the biggest new players in town, MARY MECHANIX, came to Cryder for seed-to-smoke branding and marketing. After going through our MARQ branding process, we rolled out the MARY MECHANIX identity and complete branding including brand position, colors, logo, corporate id, website, marketing and sales materials, signage, packaging, social media, public relations and advertising. As a result of our efforts, MARY MECHANIX’s efforts visibly standout in a crowded cannabis field.


Kosmik is an edibles company built on taste, texture, potency and quality. They came to Cryder to help them tell the world that via a comprehensive branding and marketing initiative. What they got was “out of this world” branding including naming, positioning, colors, logo, corporate id, website, messaging, packaging and a lot of business. What we got was a couple of design awards, a happy client and lots of happy clients for our happy client.

Dead People’s Stuff

A mainstay in a tricky location in OKC for years, Architectural Antiques was ready for a transformation when they came to Cryder in 2017. New owners brought a new business model, new home décor and design offerings and a new look and feel while keeping the charm and historical relevance of their 40,000 square feet of treasure. After a complete rebrand named them “Dead People’s Stuff,” we provided full branding including logo, colors, positioning, corporate id, social media and public relations. After a successful brand launch and grand opening, they were back on the map with their back story intact and a new dynamic brand driving their business.

Farha Law

How do you brand a law firm to distinguishes itself from the hundreds of look alike lemming law firms in the market. We figured it out and won a Best of Show Addy in the process. How you like them apples.

True Climate

When True Climate came to Cryder in late 2019, they were not yet True Climate. What they were was a team that had purchased an existing heat and air company with the purpose of taking on Oklahoma’s big names in the business by offering superior service and professionalism. What they needed, and what Cryder delivered was an identity that exemplified those core business values. True Climate was born and the brand was built from the ground up, providing True Climate a comfortable place at the top of the state’s heat and air service industry. Pretty cool.


When you’re a new company in a new industry, you better get your branding right. Enso Solutions, named for the Zen enso circle, and one of the state’s first licensed cannabis waste solution companies, called on Cryder to make sure they got it right. Taking cannabis waste and recycling and repurposing it led to the enso circle as a symbol of the brand, and the life cycle of the product, the process and the regulation regimen. An old Zen saying reads: “not to waste a single grain of rice is called the mind of the way.” So Enso says about weed.


The University of Sciences & Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) had an identity crisis. No one knew what, or who the hell USAO was, including us. Not only was this a morale issue on campus, it was an enrollment issue on campus bordering on a livelihood issue on campus. Even more troubling was the university’s trademark, a liberal arts education, was equally misunderstood in the land of large state universities. USAO needed a rebrand, and Cryder convinced them it was time to go “all-in,” name, logo, tagline, brand position, brand vision, everything but taking the lasso out of the Drover’s hand. What we found in Chickasha, OK was basically a private east coast liberal arts school, complete with a beautiful, quaint campus and a diversified student body housed in the only affordable public liberal arts university in the state. A lot different than we thought, and different than everybody thought. Different is how we decided to identify and market the now known as, Science & Arts. A statewide traditional and new media campaign aimed at parents and high school students, the public, and the S&A campus itself, has enrollment trending in a different direction. Apply early.